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    Critique my old-school revolver

    Critique my old-school revolver

    Ok, this is a sketch for an old school revolver, based on the Colt 1851 Navy Percussion pistol. The idea behind this is:

    One: to be the pistol of a very rich, very connected, and very intelligent bandit/thief in a renaissance era world where firearms are really just coming into being. (i know that this pistol is from an era roughly two hundred years after the introduction of the gun to europe, the idea is that it's a one of a kind work of genius)

    Two: It's internal workings are mostly gears, you crank the knob on the outside to cycle the chamber for the first bullet to be fired, after that the recoil drives a grooved metal rod backwards that turns an internal gear that in turn cranks the visible gear on the outside to cycle the next bullet in the chamber.

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    Good idea.

    Two thoughts -

    1. would a really rich villain with a custom weapon have ornate scrollwork/detailing? (depends upon the personality of the character, just something to think about)

    2. the edges seem a bit soft at the moment, making all those cool details a bit fuzzy.

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    Sharpen those edges, vary up the color a bit (not just shades of gray) by looking at real guns, and don't outline with black, it really flattens it out. Nice concept, although the barrel doesn't look very securely connected to the rest of the gun, it looks like one shot would make the whole thing go to pieces. Again, look at reference, try to toughen it up a bit.

    Also, change the background to a more neutral color, the blue is very distracting.

    Keep posting! Want to see progress on this, you have a good start.

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    I really like the idea of a gear turned cylinder, but I think you need to look more into the anatomy of a gun. Also, I would say it might be helpful to do a few sketches before moving on to painting.

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