Hey ya'll! Ive been posting over at the 3d forum with questions about how to use ZBRUSH, I have figured some things out, and now I am extremely curious. LOL!

I see how easy it is to convert from ZBRUSH over to 3ds MAX, but, I want to know how to animate what I brought over.

Everyone at the 3d forum is telling me I should create my character in 3ds MAX then take it over to ZBRUSH to add textures and stuff. But I admit, my skill set is not even close to be able to model like that. So until I learn, I find it easier to construct it with ZSPHERES.

I guess I need to add some bones to the thing I imported... But to be honest, I dont know where the heck to start... Please help

I am completely new to anything 3d, CG, and animation, but I am loving what I am learning. SO! PLEASE, if you have any little tips that have to do with anything with ZBRUSH or 3DS MAX, I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Thank you very much everyone!
"The Renaissance Man"