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    Character Animation Reel

    Hi all,

    Figured I would follow the current trend, and throw my reel up for everyone to view and critique. I tried to keep it short and sweet, and if anyone has any comments they would be greatly appreciated.

    Most if not all the animation is work I produced at an Australian game developer. I'd say the company name, but to be honest I'm a bit ashamed of the games we produced.

    That said, I'm currently looking for work, so if anyone out there likes my stuff, feel free to get a hold of me

    Note: I don't put music on my showreels, I figure music taste is a personal thing, and I tend to mute when watching a show reel unless it has lipsync.


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    What every demo reel should look and be like. Thanks for posting this!

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    Your stuff is great! The reel is well constructed, makes me want to see more! Love the weapon interaction.

    My only critique would be that I think you should finish your succubus model before displaying her. (She looks wonderful so far, but that girl needs hands!)

    Great work!

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    Thanks for the positive comments guys, I appreciate you taking the time to have a look. I'm glad you like the format and want to see more, I'm hoping to get some short tests done soon and thrown up on the net somewhere. I'll be sure to link.

    @ Nate3d - Yeah I really should finish her off, but I have been lazy of late when it comes to modeling (I actually haven't worked on her in about 1.5-2 years). I pretty much stopped work on her when I started working as an animator. Like I said lazy. I really should get off my butt. She could do with a poly reduce as well.

    Cheers again

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    The only thing I would suggest is to add some 2D, especially on a character animation demo reel. Employers will want to see that you have real skills from a traditional background. I also think music would enhance this reel as well.

    Oh and your character IK tends to float without weight to it sometimes...needs work. Not bad.

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