Lessons for concept art is actually very difficult to find as an actual course, most post-secondary education facilities either don't have it or is connected to small portion of animation, cartooning, or even graphic design illustration specialization (yeah I know the last one will only scratch the surface).
Due to my time constraints and my already busy, unpredictable graphic design job I am opting to teaching myself. And since I have previous experience with art and illustration in the past I figure It wont be too difficult to teach myself (and much easier, to work it into my freelance schedule).

So I need to know is what are the areas of study I need to focus on?

I have some how managed to find some general areas such as:
  • Human Anatomy (that's obvious, that includes figure,and gesture of course)
  • Zootomy (animal anatomy an obvious second)
  • Environments
  • Perspective (doesn't that fall in environments?)
  • Object design (props and machines [mecha for short] right?)
  • Composition and Theory (yeah that all recap from school, I am sure I have those lesson notes somewhere)
  • Storyboarding (always good to have, and was introduce to it in my graphic design full time course under the illustration specialization.)

What else, I understand I need to be able to create model sheets and how prepare work for animators, game designers and presentation for other clients, but where do I study that for myself?(this looks to be my first obstacle) What are the industry standards for this an all the other categories, previous listed.?

If anyone can get specific on these areas of study—for example what in environments or anatomy should I put more emphasis on—and how to prepare work and files by standard, that would be greatly appreciated.

I do enjoy graphic design but I feel that I have fallen off the root to my true goal in life and I don't want another 5 years to pass and I haven't gotten any closer to it. The reason I have realized this is that I found myself feeling something missing, that certain type of creativity that I used to love from my secondary and post-secondary days. Maybe it is also because I have become overly disappointed in my illustration skills for the past few years, with the combination of become creatively destructive, you know how if your not allowed to be creative for long periods you try to find another not so acceptable outlet (maybe it just me). I fell in love with my career direction because of the illustration, but I am not getting that and I find the only place I do manage to get this when I do minor commission for friends and colleagues.

Well I want any help that I can get, I also know I need to work on my speed lol (speed drawing for the sake of work and the client). I know that this is the direction I want to go in.