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Thread: Band/Music Appreciation Thread

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    Band/Music Appreciation Thread

    It's a little thing I started at other forums a long time ago.
    The purpose of this thread is to engage all music lovers into sharing their musical tastes so we can all learn new things. People that don't like music too much can still benefit from this since they might find something they like!

    Here, I'll paste what I posted originally when I first made a thread like this.

    Well, Everyday name 2 or 3 bands and give a link to a song for each one.
    This will make us know what we all like and maybe some of us will get into someone else's music. The song or video can be a famous one or one you like.

    Today I'd like to appreciate

    Porcupine Tree

    I couldn't really find much, I remember seeing some videos in youtube but they disappeared. I tried looking for a vid.. and this is the best I could find..
    I like the song Muzak and trains too, In Absentia is a great album!

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    These guys are too good to be real.
    And some of their old stuff is just awesome!

    Lost Prophets

    I was listening to them today, and I like their songs. Not everyone shares my opinion but meh..
    I love this one
    Well and this one is very famous

    All in all I love those bands and well... I love music it's like so wonderful.

    (take note that my musical taste is way out there, I love everything. When I say everything I mean everything! From Progressive metal to celtic music! This is just what I felt like appreciating the day I made the thread.)
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    Porcupine Tree is an amazing band. They're one of my favorites. My favorite albums of theirs are Fear of a Blank Planet and In Absentia. The Sky Moves Sideways is great too.
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    TODAY ; D

    This is just a copy from a post i made before, i'll eventually write new posts ;D, until these runout)

    Gene Krupa
    I love this guy, some call him the "king of swing"
    This is a very famous song. I can play it in the drums! Easy, but I haven't played it in a while now.

    Dave Weckl
    When I got this cd for my brother, I fell in love with it too! Oh god this guy is awesome! Haha!
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    Against Me!
    Anarcho folk punk band. Really catchy. I find it impossible to believe that anyone can't like at least one of these songs

    Born To Lose
    Punk rock n roll from Austin TX

    Leftover Crack
    Got a bunch of different sounds

    World Burns To Death
    Crust punk band. If you're into metal or heavier stuff you might like em
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    Listened to all of the stuff posted so far. I really like Dave Weckl and some of the stuff from Porcupine Tree. Here's my contribution (I've tried to cover a relatively wide variety without mentioning anyone obvious like the Mars Volta):

    Basically, some guys who were part of Kansas (the guys behind "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry on Wayward Son") left the band in the 70's, got regular desk jobs, then suddenly decided to return to music again 30 years later. Here are a couple of links to good (free!) mp3's from their site:
    Alt. More Worlds Than Known
    Relics of the Tempest

    Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band
    A good jazz band. The youtube sound quality doesn't really do them justice.

    They play chiptunes. If you don't know what a chiptune is, it basically means that you're taking the audio technology of an 8-bit video game system and kicking it up a notch.

    Les Claypool
    I'm sure a lot of you already know about him (or at least Primus), but he's worth a mention anyway. He's an astoundingly good bassist. And a good whamola-ist (if nothing else, watch the second video so you can see what a whamola is). The second video won't let you skip forward for some reason, but there's an awesome whamola solo at the 4 minute mark.
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    I like this thread...

    Hell yea Ryan World Burns to death are awesome man, I listened to them a bit back in the day, I liked Kegcharge and I think they're somehow related... LOC is good too along with Choking Victim.

    Here are some bands I've been listening to.

    The Dear Hunter
    Just got some stuff from them, and I liked what I heard... Their website has a sick song called Movement, its cool it sounds like Danny Elfman or something.

    69 Eyes
    These guys just rule, especially with Halloween coming up, sorta a cross between Billy Idol and Type O Negative.

    Izzy Stradlin/ JuJu Hounds
    Izzy from GnR, absolutely essential if you like chil rock n' roll. Think Tom Petty.

    The Wildhearts
    Unappreciated pop rock awesomeness. More hooks than a bait shop.
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    I'll list my fav relatively unknown bands

    Sleater Kinney - Originally part of the riot grll movement, all female rock band, no bass player, vocal and guitar interplay between lead singer Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein is amazing.

    fav albums - one beat, The woods

    On the woods they went all dirty rock and roll and distortion... fav song from the album jumpers- (live on Henry Rollins show)

    Whipping Boy the best irish band ever - channelling velvet underground, sonic youth, My Bloody Valentine, a bit of Nick Cave and the smiths into searing and raw songs... They should have been as big as u2.

    Sons and Daughters Scottish four piece 2 girls 2 boys, take birthday party and gun club guitar riffs, some american and scottish folk.

    Their first full length album Repulsion box is raw and dirty (Its sound reminds me what Nick Cave was trying to arriving to achive with Henrys dream)
    one of the most exciting bands on the indie scene at the moment, their follow up was a bit too polished for my liking still a good album though.

    early single Johny Cash

    live version of Rama Lama which reminds me of early cure meets birthday party and bits of ennio morricone

    EInsturzende Neubauten one of the bands responsible for industrial music without them probably no NIN or Depeche Mode's darker songs. early albums were little more than percussion, drills, sledge hammers and a few guitar riffs they took giant steps forward with Halber Mensch later albums became less aggressive and more melodic.
    from Halber Mensch Yu Gung
    Live Favourite
    Haus der Lüge

    Their lighter side Stella Maris

    Crime and the City Solution

    The band included Mick Harvey of Nick Cave and the the bad Seeds/ birthday party and Rowland S Howard of Birthday as well as Alexander Hacke from Einsturzende with lead Singer Simon Bonney who has a limited range like Ian Curtis but buts it to get effect.

    Imagine Nick Cave without piano and more gothic country over tones,

    "There aren't any shortcuts. You've got to dig in – study and draw the world around you. This is the only way to hone your skill and develop a style that is your own". GREG CAPULLO
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    Brakecore project by Aaron Funk. Not my usual kind of style but the wild mix between classic music and Drum n Bass really can suck you into it.
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    I'm gonna big up Elliott Smith, Super Furry Animals and The Fall (John Peel's favourite band);

    The Fall - Dead Beat Descendant

    Super Furry Animals - The Man Don't Give a Fuck

    Elliott Smith - Colour Bars (Only video on Youtube featuring the studio version of this song is a AMV for FLCL, sorry)

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