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    Cow National Portfolio Day?

    Sorry, didn't know where to post this.

    Anyway, is anyone going to NPD in Valencia, CA, on Sunday? Pweeeease? My art teacher and my mom are making me go. However, nobody from my school is going so my art teacher dipped out and just wished me luck, so now I'm going to be at calarts all alone with a bunch of people I don't know from different schools. D:

    I didn't even have time to make a portfolio, so I'm just taking two sketchbooks and going to explore the campus and get some tips.
    Please go if you love me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apple hooks View Post
    Sorry, didn't know where to post this.
    The....Education forum, perhaps?

    Consider it your first trip into grown-up hood. This is only the start of things you will need to accomplish under your own willpower.

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    Portfolios aren't needed in NPD, so don't worry, but it's for YOUR convenience to bring it with you so prospective colleges may look through your art.
    I went last Saturday to the NPD in Austin. I was getting my portfolio reviewed elsewhere, so I went empty-handed. But I walked out with A LOT of info on different art colleges. The School of Visual Arts gave everyone a 700-page book.

    Sorry I don't love you enough to go.

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    NPDs are great. I'm not going because, well, I've already graduated college. The NPD in Valencia, if its the one that I'm thinking of at Cal Arts, is a good one and attracts a lot of schools.

    Keep your eyes and ears open and pay close attention to the programs available, it will help you figure out what schools you like. Show your stuff around and don't get discouraged by negative reviews; if its a program you like and they are tough on you that means they are picky, which is a good thing because it means that you have to work harder to succeed.

    Also look out for the schools that seem too eager to accept you. Often times such schools are just looking for tuition and don't care as much about your education. Granted, such schools may get better over time, but thats a gamble at best. I know though that when I started at ACCD Otis seemed like a joke, but from what I've been hearing recently they've gone from pretending to be a top school to actually being one. So as I said, school reputations can change over time, but for every Otis theres a ton of other schools that act big but deliver little.

    Granted, in the end whatever school you choose won't matter if you put nothing into it. And there will always be amazing guys that seem to come out of nowhere as well as graduates from big name schools who end up unemployed thrown out on their ass. But finding a school that provides a good education is definately a great thing.

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    I went to it back in highschool... 2002 (I think) when it was at OCAD in Toronto.
    If it's anything like that experience then be prepared for lonnnnnggggg line-ups for the popular schools (as well as schools that are simply in close proximity to the people coming to that specific day).
    Try to get there early because although I had to wait 4 hours in the sheridan line-up... I could see people being turned down the wait in the line because there wasn't enough time left in the day.
    Same thing happened to me when I tried to wait in line for other schools after I saw sheridan.
    I found it to be helpful to wait in the really short line-ups for far-away schools after I saw sheridan's rep... those people spent alot more time with me because they didn't have as many people waiting to see them -- as well as filled me in on alot of the artschool experience, etc.

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