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Thread: Figure, anatomy and portrait drawing books!

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    Figure, anatomy and portrait drawing books!

    Hi people!!

    I would like some advice on good books to purchase for improving drawing skills specially anatomy, figure and portrait drawing skills... it doesn't matter if they are in different books, and nothing too fancy... I'm asking for advice since theres just TOO MANY drawing books in the libraries, and I'm not sure if all of them are good, or worth their price.

    Oh, and please don't jugde my decision of buying books, I'm just asking for some names, or editorials , I know I have to draw from direct observation too in order to improve, but hey, some little help about skills or techniques won't hurt... I have looked for ebooks but I'm not satisfied of what I found... so what the hell, I'll just buy some books

    Any title would be cool, it doesn't have to be THE BEST drawing book ever, just something you've tried and like, that's it

    Thanks for any answer
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    Good names to look up:


    Also, do a little search here on CA. I assure you that this has been discussed many, many times. Good luck!
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