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Thread: Chavant Clays...I have some for sale if anyone needs some

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    Wasp Chavant Clays...I have some for sale if anyone needs some

    I am not sure where to put this, but since there are so many sculptors on CA, I thought someone might like the extra clay I have and I do not care for.
    I have 6+ pounds of Le Beau Touche' HM Clay in brown color for sale. I played with a tiny portion of it but I am working with something different now

    This clay comes in 2 lb would not think it is much but it really is a lot! It is new and only a small portion was played with, then I put it back on the block. I am also including a couple of samples from the company that I paid for. I paid $8.50 each for the 2 lb blocks...=$25.50 and the shipping was $18.00 ($43.50 total of what I paid). I am asking $35.00 total for the entire lot. This includes shipping to the USA. I think it would be quite expensive to ship outside the US.

    This is quoted from the Chavant site about Le Beau Touche' Clays:


    Unique Prop's: Le Beau Touché has great adhesive qualities allowing it to stick to all armature materials including aluminum wire, aluminum foil, cardboard, foam or paper. Le Beau Touché products will not oxidize and can be left out or heated and cooled repeatedly without any significant change in the product

    Softening point: Le Beau Touché and Le Beau Touché - HM are generally used at room temperature. Le Beau Touché - HM is sometimes warmed to a temperature of 110° F - 115° F to soften it. When it returns to room temperature it also returns to the initial firmness.

    Working Temp: Le Beau Touché, up to 90° F maximum. Le Beau Touché - HM, room temperature to 105° F.

    Cautions: Heat over 90° F will cause the original Le Beau Touché to get very soft and sticky and the clay will begin to sweat or sag. The HM formula will tolerate these normal changes. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

    Chavant Clays...I have some for sale if anyone needs some


    I have about 7 lbs of Roma Plasitina Clay for sale, along with several samples of different Chavant Clays I bought. The Roma was $11.00 per block and there are 3 blocks plus about a half block. The Roma is all in white. There are 2½ blocks in hard and 1 in medium hardness. The others are various colors and hardnesses. All together there is about 9 lbs of clay here for one price of $49.00 PPD to the USA. I absolutely Love the way this clay sculpts! It is so smooth and the texture is smooth, I just do not like the smell LOL. I did figure out that if you use Lemon Scented Comet, it will take the smell right off your hands though Just a tip

    Shipping outside the USA will probably be high.

    Here is what the Sculpture House says about the Roma

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Roma is the world's finest modeling material that is permanently pliable and the choice of professional sculptors the world over. Colors are Grey-Green or White.
    #1 - Soft -Extremely pliable. Used for making large sculptures. Roma No. 1 is easily scraped from molds.

    #2 - Medium - Generally used for portrait heads, busts, and figure work. No. 2 is stronger than No. 1 but works smoothly and is the favored consistency.

    #3 - Medium Firm- A firmer grade of plastilina used in making models of smaller objects.

    #4 - Extra Hard - This grade of plastilina is used in making extremely detailed objects with great detail; such as medalions.
    Chavant Clays...I have some for sale if anyone needs someChavant Clays...I have some for sale if anyone needs some

    You can email me at paintedponyranch at msn dot com if you are interested. My ebay ID is also paintedponyranch if you would like a reference. If you would like other references, I have a million! LOL.
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