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    question about painter 7

    I just got my hands on painter (7), and I realized, after using photoshop for the last 5-6 years, what a great program painter is.

    I have one hang up so far, and was wondering if someone could offer some help.

    I am used to photoshop, and when I begin my strokes, photoshop's icon remains the exact size of the brush, so I know exactly where my mark is going, but in painter, it starts out at the brush size, but as soon as I put the pen to the tablet, it imediately becomes the arrow. This arrow is giving me a less than accurate impression of my stroke, so I would like to change it. The only other thing I have found is to turn into a pixel-sized dot, which drives me just as batty. Maybe I am being a little biyatch with this, but I was wondering if there is another option with this.


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    There is a check box in preferences > general, that allows you to turn of the circle to pointer switching just as u touch the paper.
    Also there is a two pixel delay in the wacom setup
    in wacom control panel, it is set to default to help those
    guys having problems double clicking but in drawing program
    you dont want this.

    the best one for you might me the white see thru pointer
    lets you get close in and see what your doing.

    yes i get lost on the single pixel would be good if it was red
    like when you play shooter games so you can find it.

    give it time and patience ur use to a different system.
    Darrell Bowman
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    Way of Thinking


    Painter kind of forces us to change our way of thinking. If I remember that Painter is a Natural Media® program, meaning that it simulates traditional media drawing and painting tools, it's sometimes easier.

    For instance, If I were painting with a real brush and altered my pressure in the single stroke, I wouldn't see a circle over the paper or canvas while my brush stroke was made.

    It's the same in Painter. With the circle visible at the beginning of the stroke, it's something like seeing the size of my brush before I begin painting. Still, when I begin to paint, the part of the brush touching the paper or canvas changes throughout the stroke, so knowing the size of my brush only gives me and idea of the upper and lower limits of the stroke size.

    I think you'll get used to this after a while and it won't bother you so much. Hope so!

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    thanks guys, that's kinda what I figured, I am just used to photoshop's interface I guess. I appreciate the time.

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