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    About a month ago I was dealing with a lot of low energy issues and decided to make a few diet changes to fix that. The big one was for me to cut out coffee from my morning routine as I can't drink the stuff without loading a ton of cream and sugar to a cup. As a result of the caffeine and sugar jolt the morning yielded, the subsequent crash by afternoons was hitting me so hard it made working very difficult. However I really wanted to substitute something in the morning and started buying the bagged kind of tea again.

    One day I was discussing my coffee give up to my brother, and he ended up dropping the name of this site he found online that sells loose leaf teas (Adagio Tea). I remember trying some loose leaf teas at a tea bar when I was in Seattle this past January and loved them a lot. So I ended up going to that website, buying a starter kit with some samples, and am now subsequently going willy-nilly buying new flavors. My kitchen counters are practically overrun with sampler tea bags and I haven't even tried all of the various kinds of samplers just yet. D: I still need to try oolong, white, and rooibo teas. They give you so much tea even in the sample packs it lasts you about 8 - 10 cups.

    Does anyone else drink tea? What kind do you like? Bagged? Loose? Flavors? Do you recommend any? I'm interested in trying out a bunch.

    Usually I'm not a black tea fan since all I've ever had before was the bagged kind. It was always far too bitter for me and I liked the lighter teas. I never knew until now that good tea is often dependent on water temps, steeping times, and leaf quality (I thought it was all the same silly me). Now I'm really loving black teas.

    Incidentally, ever since I switched I feel wonderful. No more highs or lows during the day, it seems like my energy level is at a nice constant pace too which makes days more productive for me.

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