Sketchbook: Angel Intheuk - Caricatures and studies + UPDATED FEB 2014 +
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Thread: Angel Intheuk - Caricatures and studies + UPDATED FEB 2014 +

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    Zou Thanks Definitely working on both shading and expressions (the expressions sheet for the weekly study was a great challenge, I shall do more of them) so thank you I don't know if I could do a tutorial, I could try, I tried to make a sheet of my process with Tim Burton but it didn't come out that organised I guess it wouldn't harm for me to put together all the notes and things I've picked up and try and put it down so it makes sense

    Swedish Michaelangelo Hiya and thank you I appreciate your comments very much.

    Blackspot Aw thanks

    Anthis Hiya, yes I tend to overthink too I hear you there, I don't think it's a bad thing, trouble with me is that I procrastinate too long and lose the momentum. I also don't do enough drawings and initial sketches, I end up feeling like I could have pushed my ideas a lot further most of the time (I do tend to get bored quickly if I stay on one subject too long) I think if I look at more than one character trait that will definitely help to make things more interesting, maybe put a limit on it to 2 or 3 like Otto (e.g stupid, vain, wants to be dangerous)

    Thanks for the comps on the caricatures, Jodie was a quick sketch I like her face too, very difficult to get though. Hopefully I'll get some time/inspiration to get on with the challenge list, it's good fun but difficult to think of things lol.

    Things I drew this week...

    Finally finished Juliette, or abandoned for now should I say...

    Name:  Juliette-Sketch-Finished-Oct-26-2012.jpg
Views: 540
Size:  267.7 KB

    Meow Meow (AKA Melissa Madden Grey)

    Name:  Meow-meow-colour.2-small.jpg
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Size:  230.5 KB

    Commission for my mum (her boss and his wife, they own a butchers shop just to explain the strange goings on with the food there)...

    Name:  The-Warldles---Sketch-1.jpg
Views: 521
Size:  217.3 KB
    Name:  The-Warldles---Final-sketch--SMALL-Nov-2012.jpg
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Size:  294.9 KB

    Just a quick doodle that turned into a longer sketch...

    Name:  Hairy-Leg-fairy-2--Nov-2012.jpg
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Size:  515.4 KB

    SSG Weekly challenge, this was just what I needed, very challenging some of these went better than others...
    Name:  Angie-25-Expression-Sheet-Challenge-Attempt-1.jpg
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