Sketchbook: Angel Intheuk - Caricatures and studies + UPDATED FEB 2014 +
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    Turbosnail - Thanks dude! I enjoyed the portrait, more on the way.
    Zardon - Will do! thanks
    Gogogogogogo - Aw thanks for the diagram explains it really clearly, very useful. It seems they would both get similar results I will read up some more, thanks for the link too - p.s ok to post here, probably the best place anyway.
    MoKhi - Cheers muchly - not sure about spelling either, I've had many a debate because the english spelling is technically characature, but all research brings up caricature (as in the latin 'loaded portrait') hmm, I usually go with the most popular so it comes up in searches but I'm very interested in other opinions.
    Grandmassssssa! - Hiya and thanks and glad to oblige...

    Chow #191 - Junkyard Golem, supposed to have a dog but I didn't read the brief properly and forgot to put him in and then ran out of time when I realised, nevermind (and he was also supposed to be big and strong enough to squish cars but he looks like he's having trouble with that headlamp..hehe oh well!) I enjoyed scribbling this one at work and the cat was fun, I limited my time on PS and just did all the values in pencil before I scanned it. Good process but I had trouble with my graphics tablet, the settings went a bit skew-whiffy so I didn't have pen pressure and the resolution was off..hmm will have to learn more about techy stuff. <goes off to find thread>

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