Before we start, please take a look at these two pics, to aid an explanation...

My 'usual' style:

Experiment with 'taking lines too far':

(not trying to advertise my own stuff by the way)

Basically, all I did was take some of the strokes further than I should have to see what the result would be, not much of a difference in style, just a slight tweak.

The idea for this thread: I was wondering if you talented folks out there would like to have a weekly event, where each week you are given a description on what 'slight tweak' to apply to your current style, and everyone will try to illustrate that "slight tweak of the week" in a fresh piece and share them here... I'm aware that as artists we are always meant to experiment regardless, but having a list or a place to go to where slight tweaks are "what it's all about", and seeing other artists interpretations of the weekly tweaking tasks might help open your train of thought to new discoveries towards your own unique style...

So for now I'm just sort of getting a "yeah sure" or "no way" from you guys, to see if you think this is a good idea, or a pointless one. Cheers.

P.S. Oh, and even though the examples are in my cartoon style, part of doing this is to make sure that the slight tweaks can be applied as 'universally' as possible.