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    I want to draw 2D characters but need help.

    I understand I probably should of learned this earlier but I do need advice. I plan to draw everyday for 1 hour to 2 hours. What would be the best way to begin the process of drawing a human character? If you have any studies of your own to share I would appreciate it.


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    Look for some Andrew Loomis stuff for start! (:

    And check for tutorails in web.. is a good research source!
    Also look here at the forum, you can see a lot of good stuff in wip section and others.
    Try some words like drawing tutorails, character tutorials, drawing heads, drawing human body for your research.. and know that for a good drawing you need to see a lot of references, till you get expert in drawing things just in your mind! (:
    Its never late! (:

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    I broke my studies down into sections. I studied the skeletal structure first. Then moved on to individual sections of the body starting with the head. With the head I broke it down even more and went for the eyes first. The eyes are so much more than an oval shape with a circle shape in it. Then studied the nose, mouth, different planes of the face etc. Once I felt like I got the head down I moved on to the torso and arms...and so on and so on. What worked for me is to still keep drawing the parts that I had studied prior. So in your case...take the first 5-10 mins and sketch out the things you feel you are comfortable with, then move on to the things you find challenging. Never give up.

    Here's a link for an e book I'm currently looking at. It helps you break the body down into simple shapes and teaches you to view things in 3d. This helps when you want to draw the character in unfamiliar poses and drawing the human body in perspective. Breaking down the body into shapes also helps me in figuring out how to shade the various parts of the human anatomy.
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