I'm a fresher at Uni studying Illustration. Up to now I've been self-taught back from 5 years ago when I saew anime and manga and first took up the pencil in time honoured Monkey-see monkey do.

I've come a long way and my drawing skills, both observational and imaginative are improving always, except one thing - The difficulty I'm having making any kind of break from anime and manga. The form so much of a part of my understanding as a whole but something in me is tired of my automatic retreat and wants to experiment. I've always learned from other artists, as many as I could, but while manga is a variation on a style, how can one possibly create a whole new visual language from the sheer variation of styles professional western illustrators produce?

Part of the difficulty is in my own lack of decision, I rarely see a style that dosn't have something I could learn from it, want to use - to imitate and change... but at the same time I seem to completely lack the ability to break my drawings away from what they've always been.

This is probably long enough - You probably got the idea about 2 paragraphs back. But.. Any suggestions?