Hey! Wouldn't it be cool if we all were able to start and join open art projects here on CA?

Like some dude says "hey! I got this silly story for a 200 page cartoon about a silly robot or whatever" and then he starts an open project here on ca.org and then all other people can join and like "hey you.. big.. silly.. dude! I'll help!" and then everybody is doing maybe 1 or 50 images and in the end we will have built this thing that would have taken 1 person 50 years to finish. And it will all be free! and open!

I got this idea (well hardly qualifies as an idea, more of a 'thought'.. eh..) anyway, I got this idea from sito.org where they have a lot of interactive multiuser open projects - they're all really freaky but stil! it's fun!

Ok, sure this could be done i a thread in a forum, but it would be much stronger and more efficient if it had some kind of organized back bone...

eh.. does anybode undestand what I'm babbling about?

..it would be cool, I think - if artists around the world could get together and collaborate in online open art projects..

(maybe this already exists?)