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Thread: Help Critique My Painting!

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    Help Critique My Painting!

    Hi guys, I just finished a painting that was an excercise for myself for conceptualizing a creature and an environment, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance for taking the time to view this.
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    I love the colors. The painting is a little blurry and it's hard to make out what the creature is. It took me a bit to see the multiple legs etc. It appears he's making an ice ball but I don't like where it's positioned, it's almost blocking out the entire creatures lower half. Love the reflection on the ice. You should definately extend that to the back portion of the painting. Have the mountains reflected as well.
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    Ok. You have equal level of contrast/detail practically everywhere.
    The desaturated rocks in the midground are a good start.
    You need to try to make all areas divert from each other that you want to be identifiable/readable as one area, makes sense?
    Also your sky should be more bright and desaturated in the distance.

    This goes for all objects! The further away, the brighter and less saturated they look, and also get more fuzzy edges.
    Your character suffers from not having a clear focal area. The thing covering his crotch is making it hard to relate the legs to his body.
    Altogether, try and give ONE area in your painting the strong highlighting and contrast. Here, you can very well make the crystals in the foreground all dark and smooth out the contrast on the rocks in the midground.

    Another thing to be aware of is that everything has the same structure. Some variations in your shapes would help make the picture more interesting and clearly readable.

    Okie, welcome to Ca and keep posting.
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    Cool design. Like the colors, but you may have used too much, its almost too bright. I would really tone down the sky to a dark grey, that would contrast better with the creature. I may also play down the large section of crotch ice he has going there. I might also slightly desaturate the large ice crystals in front. I like the reflection in the ice.
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