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    LANN's book( take a look?)

    I'm not sure exactly what to say here, HI, WELCOME, I LOVE YOU
    I have been drawing for only a year and a half, before that nothing. I've been working extremely hard, going to figure drawing sessions, reading books, doing everything I can to get better and being self taught. I go to a shitty community college and I cant afford to go to art school right now so this is the only way.
    Learning from the great artists on this site, I feel like if I was posting my stuff also it would urge me on even more. I am going to start posting work like crazy. every day.
    btw, please feel free to say whatever you want about my art, don't hold back, every comment or crit helps. anyways, thnx in advance

    so I'll start this off with three characters I did today, and the fourth one I did a few weeks ago
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    Interesting stuff you have here, the monster rock
    The girls have a starnge breast plate, that part looks unfinished
    good work otherwise

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    Very cool stuff here. I'd like to see some of these in more polished forms as well - they are coming along really well, but look unfinished (or nearly complete). I know these are sketches, but they will look really good to see them a bit refined.

    I do have one critique - shadows. I'd like to see some shadow work in these, the rendering is good, needs to be refined in color use. One trick I do, which is a fundamental skill, is to draw in black and white or any duotone colors, in order to get just the right tones and shadows in your figures, faces, armor, background, etc. Then use a watercolor method and build up color that way - that's how I try to solve color-correction problems.

    Good stuff!

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    update 2nd day

    feil magnus- that is kind of an old painting , tried to fix what you are talking about, hope it looks better, thnx for the comments

    solorpower-yeah shadows, need to work on that.... thnx for the comment and crit much appreciated ,

    so today I did a lot of stuff but none of it is really ready to post, but I swore to myself that I would post a new piece of art, the first one is new, the rest are oldish, I thought it would fill out my sketchbook and show what ive been doing to learn, i can always replace it later with better new stuff,,,
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    Hi lann nice works by the way i feel proportion is standing out slightly and u gotta work on lighting and shadows i mean DEPTH is not u have good mechanic stuff and the details should be deep and stong to give the feel on how it stands accoeding to its feel .

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