I'm having a problem with drawing, and it's really bad. Right now I'm at art school and the exercise we do is as follows:

we get a small sketch of a figure drawing (nothing elaborate, just like a gesture drawing) and are to copy it on a sheet of paper, in a bigger size. we use knitting needles to measure proportions.

now, my problem is, I dont understand a single word of what our instructor is saying (being deaf has its disadvantages). And thus, I don't understand anything of what he explained in an 1 hour sermon of explaining the method to us. I know I can ask him anytime to explain it to me again, and I did so, but he really speaks too fast and I'm too deaf, so... I need a written explanation really bad.

For example, I understand how to do measuring in a bargue drawing, it's fairly simple because both drawing and copy are the same size. but here, the copy is a different size than the drawing. I have NO idea how to find a point by measuring, and I seem to be the only one in my class having zero idea. I'm trying to figure out everything by myself, but its so discouraging when everyone knows it all but me. :<

Anyone has done this exercise and could explain the method to me?