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    First Critiqued Pic

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm not good with introductions so I'll just start out by asking for some critique. Any and Every form is welcome (can't get better without hearing whats wrong with ya!). I'm self taught so I'd expect a lot of the dimensions and shading to be off, but any ideas and tips in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

    PS. My scanner's old so a LOT of my pictures might come out gritty till I mess with some configurations

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    ahoy fred, welcome to CA

    the monster needs some legs! you just stopped when you got near the crotch region as if yo say "eh i don't really want to draw monster genitals... i guess i'm done"

    one issue with the design of the monster is a matter of practicality, a lot of the projecting spikes seem to be tossed in as a matter of filling space on the paper and not really thought through as to whether the number os horns really has a purpose. i'm not saying lose all of the spikes, but lets put it this way, a guy with a gun pointing at your face is just as scary as a guy with forty guns and one pointing at your face. in fact the latter is actually a bit amusing, seriously who carries forty guns? but i digress.

    i'd study a lot more anatomy and musculature of both large animals and humans. some of the muscles you drew are simply kind of piles behind larger nuscles hoping that they get overlooked.

    keep the pencil moving

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    Grief -
    Thanks for the response. Yea the monster does need legs haha. The reason why I didnt draw them is actually because, well, I ran out of space on the paper (I tend to draw to large or too small for my paper).

    The horns, well I never thought about practicallity to be honest. I was hoping for intimidation, but when you put it that way with the gun analogy, it IS quite amusing .

    And as for the muscles, I think I see what you're saying. If you're refering to the arm muscles, Yes I agree that they really seem like they are piling on. I did end up coming up with a new arm design a day or so after I drew this though and I might scan and post it if I can get your feed back on the improvement. As for the rest of it not sure whats necessarily wrong with the stomach. That's actually the best somach I've done since ever haha.

    I do appreciate the feed back, You've shed a lot of light on my methods of drawing and design.

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