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    RedBall Guest

    Marks don't line up with pointer

    I have a Graphire tablet, and when I make a mark in Painter 7, the mark appears about 7 or 8 inches to the right of the pointer. How do I fix that?

    By the way, this is under Mac OS X v10.2, and I have installed the Painter 7 update.

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    have you updated your wacom drivers? they have some new ones out,

    also you may want to try tweaking your wacom settings...

    other than that tell me if that helps.. i'm not quite sure how to fix it..

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    RedBall Guest
    Hmm. I tried it on another computer with the same OS, same tablet, same Wacom driver, and the same version of Painter, and it works fine.

    The only difference I can think of is that I have two monitors on my computer at home (the one I'm having trouble with), and only one monitor on the other computer.

    I also tried using Painter under OS 9, and THAT works fine, too.

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    hmm.. i'm not too sure about this now.. what video card do you use? does it support dual monitor? just a random shot out in the dark.. i have a geforce2 and looking at the settings i found that nvidia drivers recently supported dual monitors.. so i'm just curious if videocard drivers might be the problem..

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    This may sound like I've had a few too many :beer: but I heard that some Mac users solved this problem by moving the monitor on the left to the right and visa-versa.

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    RedBall Guest
    By the way, I just got a new Intuos2 9x12 (nyeah, nyeah) and the same thing happens. Fine at work, wonky at home.

    Actually, I tried plugging the tablet into the back of the computer instead of the USB hub, thinking it needed more power, and it started working correctly. Then, as soon as I restarted and tried it again, it became wonky again.

    I have two video cards: An ATI Radeon 9000 and an ATI Radeon 128. The big monitor has the 9000 hooked up to it.

    I'll try the monitor flipping thing.

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    RedBall Guest
    Ahhhh, got this from Wacom.


    Good afternoon-
    Yes, the problem is with the dual monitor environment. If the Apple
    menu is on the right monitor, move it to the left hand monitor in the
    display properties. This alone should take care of the problem. Painter
    does its own thing with the tablet mapping and it uses the menu monitor as
    the origin. I hope this helps, and is what you were looking for, but if you
    have any other questions please feel free to call the number below.

    Joseph Sliger
    Wacom Sr. Technical Support
    Technical Support...................(360)896-9833 (Mon. - Fri.)
    Fax........................................(360)89 6-9724 (Mon. - Fri.)
    Hours: Mon-Thur 7:30-5pm, Fri 8:30-5pm Pacific Time

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