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    Lighting Issues - PLEASE help

    Okay, I'm drawing a friends character for her; I'll put the description in a bit further down. I had the image in my head of him standing there, out of 'battery' as it is (he's sort of a humanoid clockwork toy). The room should be dark, a simple wooden door behind him and a lit candle holder which gave the room a warm glow. I didn't know if it would be too much but I'd like some sort of magical glow going around him; maybe a few fireflies in there or something. I thought a table would look pretty boring.
    Thing is; I have no idea how to go about it now I've got to it. I don't know how to do such lighting and I really need some tips on it, I want this piece to really work out well but I wont get very far on my own.

    Her description:

    Fluffy is more or less 5'6" tall, somewhat lean, with a rather strange dimly shining skin. On closer inspection it seems to be jointed, fastened by screws like a doll. The first thing that pulls you in, though, are the strange eyes - the pupils are white, the irises pitch black, with the sclera being red instead of the usual white. A small cross-like scar is placed under the right eye, but not the left. This possibly marks the one he hasn't lost, as the left one is a void of nothingness. His hair is a very light grey colour, feathery, with the longest strands brushing his cheekbones. Large black ears poke out at the sides, the insides of the right one being red with grey criss-cross strings sewed inside it and the left one having no string at all.

    The strange habit of having unbalanced colours on either side continues with the sleeve adorning his right arm, grey with red strings tightening around it once again. The left arm only has a black string and no sleeve at all. Love, his owner, enjoys putting him through the pain of getting stared at all the time, thus dressing him in a red and black sleeveless shirt that shows off his belly. With grey suspenders. Out of his back sprout white wax wings, and underneath you'll find the tawny coloured key that drives him. Other than that he wears jeans with a tiny black tail curling around one of his legs.

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    First of all you're having proprtiaonal issues, his right (our left) shoulder is wider than the other. ALso compostiaonylly this as a bit boting, probably show more of the character.
    ABout the light.
    Lights out, candles on and take a picture.
    Just dtermine where the light is coming from and visualize where it would bounce of. But reference is a good help with that.
    Godd luck .

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