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    Please come and leave advice! :)

    This is my recent artwork. The concept is a woman being trapped in old ruin. Can't say that she's an angel since her wing is made of coral, not feathers. I just get tired of ordinary wing and wanted to try something new instead. XD

    Please feel free to critique! I know this is still amateur work, but I do want to develop my skill. So, every comments will be appreciate.

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    Here's 2 tips for ya on Anime:

    1. isn't really the place to look for help with Anime artwork I have been told, it's not really seen as a 'concept' style of artwork. However I don't see any harm to continue posting here.
    2. I've noticed that Anime style generally have simplified shapes to the point where the shoulders-down have no curvature (front view) down to the belt. What makes it look more alive is the curvature in the spine - so remember that!

    Beautiful artwork my friend, I hope you keep it up.

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    I deon't really why anime-influenced artwork shouldn't be posted on this site, artwork's artwork right? Apart from that, there's some things you could improve here. The wrist of her left arm bends at a too sharp angle and on her right arm the form of the upper arm should overlap that of the lower arm,and not the other way around. Not too hard to stand in front of a mirror and take on that pose, i advise you always do that in case of doubt.
    The biggest problem with the piece for me is that you don't get the feeling she's standing in a space. For those vines to wrap around her and her wing she would have to stand in the wall and not in front of it. Where's the other wing btw? It's a bit of a shame things go a little south in the conceptual area, since apart from that and the anatomy bloopers you've handled things quite convincingly.

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    Oh, thanks a lot! About the wing, it just one wing because it's kind of broken. My bad for not mention about it in the explanation. Sorry. Others told me about center line too, and it really helps.

    I just know the issue about anime-influenced artwork. Even though my style is like this, but me myself don't like totally anime art. ( semi-manga is fine) Anyway, all creative work is art. But thanks for letting me know about this, I'll be more careful!

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