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Thread: Tis be my sketchbook

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    Tis be my sketchbook

    Sooo. I wanna do this too!
    I will start posting some older stuff as well, on the one hand because I hope someone will probably spot general mistakes that I make and also because I plan on coloring a few.

    So, I'll start with some older ones (should be about aprilish, I write dates in teeny tiny numbers on my pics, yeah, clever, huh?).

    Boy. I'm kinda scared posting here, even if I have already posted stuff in the CHOW and so on.

    Also, I couldn't get the paper clip thingy to work but hope in the next post it'll be ok.

    Edit: Oh, ok. Works now. Also, added fancy thumbnail.
    Edit again: Moved attachments to second post to be aböe to edit thumbnail more easily in future.

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