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    Tis be my sketchbook

    Sooo. I wanna do this too!
    I will start posting some older stuff as well, on the one hand because I hope someone will probably spot general mistakes that I make and also because I plan on coloring a few.

    So, I'll start with some older ones (should be about aprilish, I write dates in teeny tiny numbers on my pics, yeah, clever, huh?).

    Boy. I'm kinda scared posting here, even if I have already posted stuff in the CHOW and so on.

    Also, I couldn't get the paper clip thingy to work but hope in the next post it'll be ok.

    Edit: Oh, ok. Works now. Also, added fancy thumbnail.
    Edit again: Moved attachments to second post to be aböe to edit thumbnail more easily in future.
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    So, I'll start with some older ones (should be about aprilish, I write dates in teeny tiny numbers on my pics, yeah, clever, huh?).

    Attachment 475622

    Attachment 475623

    Attachment 475624

    Attachment 475625

    Attachment 475628

    Attachment 475629

    Ok, after fighting some technicalities, here's some more stuff.
    Attachment 471155
    Attachment 471159
    Attachment 471163

    And sum fanart.
    Attachment 471165

    And the most recent:
    Attachment 471168
    Attachment 471170
    Attachment 471173

    Also some color stuff. WIP's (That never seem to end...)
    Attachment 471237 Attachment 471263

    The dude is (obviously) referenced and the background is a reference puzzle. Thought I might add that hint.

    More fanart yay! (got up real early on a sunday a few weaks ago, and man was I 12 again!!)
    Attachment 471242

    Chow 125
    Attachment 471245

    EOW I started with, but didn't finish.
    Attachment 471239
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    oh wow, nice big well drawn figures to start off a sketchbook. you're like eons past what i had when i started mine hahaha. you have interesting designs with smart directions going on in the composition of your backgrounds like in

    and you knew what the second post had to say before you even saw it but i'll say it anyway: keep posting more!!
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    Very great start to a sketchbook! I am in love ith your sketches, they have a type of old fashion feel to them and detail is beautiful. Some of your drawings lean a little bit to the left in the beginning, but I can tell you have been fixing that, especially with your current CHOW posting.

    Nice start! Hope to see more

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    Your faces are lovely. Your sketches definitely suck me in with the whole scenes you've set up in some of them. Some of the poses seem a little rigid, but others have really nice fluidity which I'm sure will come through in more of your work. So post some more!

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    Grenapples: Wow, thanks so much. I've been really trying to to come up with good compositions, thinking a lot about the flow and angles/direction and often erased the whole background to make things work. Glad it shows.

    MMHoward: Hehe, do you mean the faces? I have a knack of drawing people facing to the left. But I'm aware of this and have been forcing myself for a while now to draw all kinds of angles and I'm getting more comfortable.

    Hadesdream: You are so right about the fluidity. I think it has a lot to do with that nasty habit of going too much into details first. I always have to remind myself to go big and vague, lay down general proportions, even if that means to be less accurate in the beginning, and THEN tightening.
    The key is probably to stay loose i think, practice and .. well, just get better! Hopefully!
    I sometimes just get insecure and a little lost in what process to take.

    I've gotten myself some of these über cute gashapon figures and I'm drawing them in different positions. Helps a lot with my grasp on perspective and how shadows are thrown.
    Attachment 472945
    (Oh and file has exactly 66,6 KB. There you go. This is probably the equivalent of playing songs backwards?)

    Also, I epically failed on self portraits today.
    While I do like how these turned out as portraits, they look nothing like me!
    Ok, probably a tiny bit. But, meh!Attachment 472946

    I did a number of shockingly stiff, moar horrible ones before this one on the backside of the paper. Now I wished I hadn't erased them to show you the difference. But they where shinig through so badly that I ditched them.
    Will think of that next time.
    I also noticed for the first time today that I have amazingly pointy cheekbones!
    Or I've just been staring at the mirror too long, trying to find some characteristics.

    I wasn't happy at all with this when I started and I think there are still some thinks off. I posed in front of the mirror, but I didn't get it right. Maybe her torso is too long?
    Attachment 472947

    Oh, and I tried doing something for this weeks COW.
    My monsters are all happy and/or cute.
    Attachment 472948

    And some more. My scanner doesn't pick up the brighter lines... and now it crashed? And is happily blinking... and taking PS down with it.:/ Oh screw you!
    Ok. fixed.
    Attachment 472986

    Attachment 472996

    And some studies from a few days ago or so.
    The poses are vaguely referenced.Attachment 472983

    I'll get a digicam and hopefully this'll make things easier ( you heard that scanner? Be nice or you're getting replaced!)

    I might just as well put this trainwreck up.
    Yes, I suck with ink and watercolor.
    Attachment 472998

    (Jesus Christ!! I haven't scanned color in ages and this is really messed up.
    It's not that bright in real life .)
    Ok, that's it for now.
    Thanks again for the comments, tear me apart if you want. It all helps.

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    Nice sketchbook! Your sense of drama is very good.

    I particularly like this one
    Tis be my sketchbook

    Interesting faces and hands.

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    Some really interesting work, I really love the attention to detail on the faces in the rough sketchs, and the way you draw them.
    My sketchbook, if you really want to see it...

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    There's some good work here. I really like the image of the witch who looks like she's melting. I love how her skin looks so loose and wrinkly. Her shoulders seem too rounded, though.

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    Your sketchbook is already looking fantastic. You've got a great sense of composition and your concepts flow nicely - However, your anatomy needs some work ... It seems like you tend to draw people oddly short, or looking somehow disproportionate when it comes to their legs. Too, some of your lines seem a little too loose, and kind of meld together, losing some definition. Adding some various line weight will fix your sketches.

    Other than that, though, gorgeous stuff so far. (: Keep posting
    s k e t c h b o o k. critique it!

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    I really like your line art; very delicate and sensitive. I think that there are a few issues with anatomy/proportion you need to address (the length of peoples legs I noticed were a but stumpy a coupla times) but your sketches are very nice becasue of the delicacy of your mark making.

    I think though that your painted pieces are a bit muddy looking? I think maybe your're darkening the line art, and it's making things a bit black? Maybe if you use the Load Channel method of handling your line art you could colour them a softer colour that would suit the palette of your illo a little closer?

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    Thanks so much guys!!
    VampireHungerStrike, Kagemusha, thespianmonsalvo: Thanks, I like that Witch piece also. It was something like a breakthrough after a bit of a creative crisis. I needed to get loose again and make more selfconfident lines and get back to what I like in my drawings.
    I experiment around a little with how loose is too loose right now. ;P
    Wich you might have just answered, bipolaroid.

    I realize my heads are too big, and I tend more towards 5 heads, but thanks for pointing the legs out. I guess that's what's off with some of the pictures and what skews the poses, I just really wasn't aware of that!
    I need to keep that in mind and go back to doing some studies/gestures. Big time! ;P

    I in fact, I was worried that on the tentacle piece her legs where wayy too long. (You see, I'm short. My legs are short, so probably I think everybody should have stumpy little legs too. Hah!)

    About the line quality, BonesWeepTedium: I have a crappy, crappy scanner or the wrong settings and I lower the brightness somewhat (-50 too 70) and f**ck around with contrast on most of these scans, especially those on the white paper because there some of the finer lines get really, really bright. I'm working with layer masks to darken some parts and leave others alone to restore how it originally looks like, but it's a pain inthe ass.
    What do you mean with the load channel method? Maybe there's hope!!

    Painting is definelty what I struggle with the most.
    While I had some breakthrough with my pencils lately, I'm still kinda "scared" of color.
    Also, I always ended up having altogether rather light pics with very little definition so now I'm pushing values and I feel like I'm doing that kinda wrong too.
    I think I haven't really found an approach, or "look" that I like and do not get into the kind of workflow that I have with my pencils.

    Any input on that is very, very welcome! (Though I hope it's simply getting better with practice! ...please.

    Er, yeah. Writing a novel. I'm doing it.

    So, on to todays shtuff.

    I noticed the proportional issues on this one as well and fixed some stuff, hope it looks better now.
    Attachment 473999

    And I need to work on my rendering. I realized today what I had already guessed, that the basic problem is really about defining forms properly and ultimately about color theory. Bah...
    Oh well, an onion a day... (it's referenced btw., photo referenced because my fridge is empty. )
    Attachment 473980

    And I wanted to get some more atmospheric pieces right, so I worked from reference with some heavy color picking, to get a clue on how brightness and saturation behaves.
    Attachment 473984

    So, there are those characteristic patterns on the ground wich I was trying to get right but blargh!!
    So I made a "detail shot", still not so phenomenal.
    Attachment 473983

    And, for my personal triumph today!
    The lines here look crappy but at least it looks like me!!
    Attachment 473987

    Oh and I forgot to post this weeks CHOW.
    Attachment 474093

    I think I will go back to this background again, once I've done a few studies.
    (haha, I wrote my name wrong in the boarder. ... doh!)
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    Wow just wanted to say i am so impressed by your sketches

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    So. Did some studies today, setting up a grid (Loomis) but... that didn't go so well.
    Attachment 474853Attachment 474855

    Attachment 474851

    And some gestures.
    Attachment 474852

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    Nice delicate drawings. The colours in the two chow are lovely.
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