Hey folks!

My graduation Project, the 2D animated film "Born to be Dead" is nominated for this year's Animation Competition at Aniboom.com Website.

The competition's judgement is highly influenced by the ratings the film gets from viewers.

I would be honored and thankful if you could give me a little hand at rate my movie with graceful 5 stars! for me it might mean an award, but more importantly- a huge push forwards as an animator, film maker and an artist.

so, If you could spare a few minutes to sign and vote, that'd be awesome!

support fresh animation creators! hope you enjoy the film, I went through hell and back to create it (might explain the storyline!)

The voting requires Free registration. it's quick, but sorry for the waste of time.

and of course, a Link to my film- Born to e Dead on Aniboom.com :


Thank you all in advance!

~ Amit Tishler

2D animator ..Booyah!


Born to be Dead group on Facebook:


and...Born to be Dead Caramel Dance!



Vote for "Born to be Dead" on the 2008 aniboom awards