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Thread: Mother nature

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    Mother nature

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    A design of a large creature made of earth, trees, flowers, etc.
    I called it Mother Nature.
    Its a positive and non-violent creature, whose main purpose is restoring natural environments in corrupt places.
    So... what do you think?
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    Ha ha, nice idea! I think this could really benifit from a background, to give a better sence of scale. I think you should add some more textures to the skin and maybe look at some reference of fat peoples bodies. Her left leg seems a bit to large and i´m not really sure what´s going on below the left hand.

    I think a lot more stuff should be growing on her body, like mushrooms, more flowers etc.

    Some inspiration: Elemental from Hellboy 2 and astone creature, also from hellboy 2
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    A like the leaves and the cracked texture, but I think the painting undeneath is too blurry. Funny idea! It looks more like a female version of the Jolly Green Giant though. Maybe some animals, trees, shrubs, etc. around her would get the idea across.
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    big mama! haha
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    Yep, the painting underneath is way blurry. Experiment with some hard-edged brushes on low opacity. There seems to be a good sense of weight in the lower body, but watch her arm; it looks a bit poofy rather than saggy.

    Interesting piece!
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    You definitely need to make the form clearer; add in some crisp, dark values and shadows to give us a better idea of the shape of this woman. Also with that much weight I'd expect to see more folds of fat on her; especially a small fold just under the breasts. Speaking of which... her breasts should probably actually be larger. Breasts are made of fat after all, and heavyset women generally have very large, flattened breasts, often to the point that they stick out almost as much as the stomach. Get some references and check it out.

    I'd also maybe like to see a bit more definition and expression on her face. If she's mother nature, then what's her actual nature like? Is she a cheerful being? Sour and bitter? There's a lot of aspects to nature, I'd like to see which one she represents.

    And yes, some more texture and growthy things might be good.
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