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    Alright! Time Management/Orginizational Tips thread

    It's difficult managing my time when it comes to responsibilities and other personal endeavors such as art. I'm only 22 and trying to start off on my own, but I want to do so many things I become indecisive, and it never feels realistic. That's the only reason why I never set definite goals ahead of time is because I don't know how practical it is...

    Any of you have tips on managing life and still finding the time to do the things you really want to do?

    I've resorted to once and a while flipping a coin or using index cards about a few things in order to just make a decision!

    Hell, any tips will help. I don't care if you're a shut in pack rat, or the person who can't seem to find their keys under all the mess. Anything to get a conversation going...
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    I make lists.

    On the top, are things that have deadlines, and things that just cannot be put off any longer(damn dishes).

    For instance, this week I have to do an adventure scenario(paid job), finish some short scripts(personal project), get a portfolio to an employer(potential money), do the dishes, and get some of the too many clothes lying around to a donation bin.

    Since the personal project has a cast, I can't let it go too long - but it falls behind the defined deadline of the paid work.

    The portfolio is up, so I just have to email the dude back - high priority, low time commitment.

    The dishes can be thrown in the washer while I'm writing, no biggie.

    The clothes require some organization and a trip - and doing laundry(which I hate).

    (In between, there are the drawing exersises and whatever else.)

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    be your own boss, make lists, set deadlines, and stay organized.

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    Stay out of the Lounge.

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    Check this video out, I can't remember where I got it from. (might have been here)

    But if it doesn't blow your time management socks off, I don't know what will.

    It seems long, but this has kind of a twist at the beginning.

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    A time management lecturer once had this demo in front of us, it doesn't work as well in text, but still.

    He took a glass jar, filled in with rocks. Asked the class, is it full? The class goes yes! So he fills the gaps with pebbles, then those gaps with sand, then he finishes up with water.

    So what's the lesson to be learned from that? The class answered:there is aways more space.

    His answer: If you don't fit the big chunks first, you'll never fit them at all.

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    dude I have no idea what you want to do. Do you want to focus on art? do you have enough money to focus on that? Do you want to improve on something, or start a project? what kind of project?

    Main thing, shut yourself in a room and produce, and don't post here unless it's to post work. I'd follow that advice myself except I have no time to work on art anyway, and I have no one else to really talk to...

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    I often have similar issues, but one thing that's really helped me out lately is just finding a routine. For the most important things you want to achieve, have time alotted every day and do not make exceptions if you can help it. It doesn't have to be so strict as "2:07:42PM is art time, I will work for exactly 53 minutes and 18 seconds...", but something as simple as "every evening I'll fill up two pages of my sketchbook" will do the trick.

    I used to try and be real strict with my time (X amount of time on this, Y on that, etc.), but I always fell out of that. Keeping it kinda general has helped though, even if I only crank out one doodle one evening I still am maintaining the habit of drawing/painting on a regular basis. Of course mind you, this is time management for personal stuff, the stuff I have to do fits itself into my schedule whether I like it or not.

    Oh, and not having the internet at home helps a ton.
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