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    Anime Backgrounds?

    I'm looking for sites that features backgrounds from anime. The kind that's done by Ghibli and others to give you an idea. I'm hoping to do some studies.


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    Maybe this can steer you in the right direction:

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    When I read the thread title I was expecting someone wanting advice on manga style, action line type backgrounds, hehe.

    Studio Ghibli is freaking amazing. Their movies are so much fun to watch, as there is always something mind blowing on the screen.

    My advice is just grab the dvds and just use the pause button liberally to absorb all that is going on. If you have a dvd drive on your computer even better because you can make your own screen grabs with the right software (I use a program called Power DVD, but there are probably better ones out there). In my opinion a dvd drive on your computer and some screen grabbing software is a really excellent reference gathering tool for almost any artist. You can grab facial expressions, prop details, lighting in almost any kind of situation, and a LOT more from movies.

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    Yeah. You can take backgrounds by just pausing anime and taking screenshot. I did that with one animatrix and it worked well.

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    agree with J Wilson's on the ghibli's movies, i highly recommend you to buy the ghibli artbooks, i have some and every time i turn a page it blews me away xD
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    Yep. Hit your local Barnes and Nobles. Odds are pretty good that they have an Art of Princess Mononoke book full of great backgrounds.

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    Studio Ghibli is the best to learn from as they not doing any of the work with computer. The did try it but they are going with non-digital animation.

    most backgrounds are layers watercolors and acrylic painted cells.
    I have been in to anime long before anyone but a small few knew what it was and helped many learn about anime in it Us and Japanese original version which I prefer I worked at the fist US big Anime convention AnimCon in 1991 I work the AnimEigo booth(did that for over 12 to 14 years after) i work staff for many of the bay area cons as well.

    I have handle cells from Studio Ghibli they just amazing works of art and wish i could afford one but those that AnimEigo had were well out of my price range.

    I seen many types of cells and I am amazed on how they are made and just how many can go into just few second of screen time . Studio Ghibli uses some techical ways that keep very secretive. I sen cell lite from the back will the otherpart is layer with up to 3 to 20 layer of cell all being filmed all moviing ..
    Look at Nassica Valley of the Winds that one part at the start where the girll flys in from of the Ohm as it burst out of the toxic jungle it like 40 to 60 layers and is is a cell that is shot wide so it was like a pan scan cell meaning it over 20 to 40" wide to get that look as if the camera was moving across the screen to capture all you see.

    Knowing how and what goes into an Anime make it no differences i am alway still blown away but what see.

    some of the watercolors Studio Ghibli turn out for backgrounds are some of the best the lines the color all are just perfect I mean i have study water color and it just makes me cry at how good and realistic some of these background water colors are.


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