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Thread: Creature design

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    Creature design

    Hi all.

    I got a simple question and need a lot of imagination for this one.

    I got an alien creature which is around 30 cubic matters all fisical mas. That would the weight amount.

    Now the fisical shape dosent mater the only thing I need, this creature to do is to go from a planet (earth) to space.

    You can come up with any number of options, the only thing that you cant use is digital technology, but it can use (organic modification, fisical modification, planet modifications, planet materials, any other you can come up with).

    Another thing to keep in mind you can use 100 dreds of other creatures to help with the subject.

    Onse I come up with the HOW of his FUNCTION I can design the creature.

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    you should try to explain yourself better, i dont get what youre asking...

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    Its simple its just a very very big creature, very hevy and it has to travel from a planets ground and reach space.

    But the question is how, the fisical can be wich ever and I nead it to be a pretty acurate a fisicaly possible way to do it.

    The reason that I am doing this is that once I am able to design the creature, I want to make a short film maybe 10 minutes long, I will show my work hear so you guys can see progres.

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