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    So here is my story...

    My biggest passion is graphic design. I've been doing it for years and quite good at it. The time arrived to start looking for colleges and the first place I looked at were art schools. I went to a few information sessions and liked everything but one thing, it seemed like you had to be a skilled drawer. Im not bad at drawing but not very good. I still had a portfolio review that consisted of graphic art. I knew that at some point she would bring up lack my of drawing pieces and she did. But she liked my graphic art though. I knew I wasn't good at drawing and if I had to sumbit drawing in with my portfolio it would like horrible. Needless to say I didn't apply and went with marketing at another school. I realized my mistake very soon and by the end of the semester I was working on getting into the art school (New England School of Art and Design) at my university.

    Im currently there now taking classes. Did I mention I never worked on my drawing skills? After I went to school for marketing I pretty much gave graphic design and haven't touched it since besides a few times doing various things. Foundation classes are heavily dependent on drawing as I am sure you know. I feel very intimidated in class because there are a lot of great drawers.

    What I want to do is talk to my teachers and tell them what is going through my head. I want to tell them I want to learn, I'm willing to learn, I want to get better and everything in between. I don't want them to think I'm some idiot at nesad going to class to just draw and talk. But I don't know how to approach them about this because this is something that is new to me. I don't know if I should approach them first or meet with them after I email them.

    I have an artistic eye and creativity so im not a complete and utter waste of time. I've understood everything we had done in class but it doesn't transfer well onto my paper. I know I will get better over time but before i wont be better and I need to keep a B to stay in.

    I neeeeed help! Any advice would be great.

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    In both schools I went to the professors had set "office hours" for students to come by and talk/ask questions. From my prof friends I've heard that much of that "student office time" is spent sitting alone, working on class stuff 'cause no one ever comes by. They were always SUPER excited to have students come in and do a one-on-one. Sometimes profs don't know if they're getting through to ya when they throw stuff out into a void of sleepy heads.

    Email your profs and ask if you could come in and discuss your development. It's likely they'll give office hrs and tell you to show up whenever, but sometimes it's nice to touch base first in case they have a meeting. This is your education and talking with them will help you get the most out of it.

    As far as's practice! You'll get better, and's good to have these classes to familiarize you with the art side of things and will make you a much better Graphic Designer in the long run even if your sketches aren't as amazing as someone elses. I'll bet a lot of your classmates are pretty terrible at graphic design.

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    Thanks for the reply mirana. Letting my teachers know that what they are saying is getting through to me is a good idea. I didn't think to mention that. I'll just email them asking if I could just meet maybe once a week or so just to solidify what I am learning in class.

    PS: I shouldn't write threads at two in the mourning. I see a lot of mistakes.

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