Sketchbook: Dahami's Reptoids and Aliens
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Thread: Dahami's Reptoids and Aliens

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    xenoart5, There are cases of reptilians with three fingers (two fingers and a thumb). Four or five are the most common. Of course, it is important to remember that there are many variations. There also are a few reports of reptilians with a "conical" head, in the sense that the back part of the cranium kind of sticks up in a somewhat pointed dome or cone shape. Think about some of the depictions of Bigfoot with a sloping forehead, leading to a rounded "point" up at the back. That's similar. The Flatwoods monster may or may not be a reptilian. I am confident that some reptilians are taller than eight feet, and nine feet has been reported, though there are factors that could lead someone to overestimate a being's height. A good trick that some experiencers use is to return to the site of the encounter with a tape measure, and determine from memory, using reference objects at the site, exactly how tall the being was.

    Here is another drawing I did of Zehtar, establishing some of his general features. This shows his pendant/necklace and black robe.

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