Sketchbook: Dahami's Reptoids and Aliens

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    "For now all we have are stories, and drawings, and theories." - skishyish

    That's about right. Certainly there are a lot of physical traces, photos, etc., but if the right people or institutions won't seriously look at them, they amount to stories. As for purported photos of actual aliens, most of those are ambiguous at best. That being the case, drawing these beings is probably the best we can do, and that is one of the reasons I choose to draw them.

    Don't worry about Ruby. This is not likely to be my last color drawing of her. And yes, there were "powdery hints of strong aqua blue" between the scales of her lower eyelids, which amounted to a form of natural make up. I'll find a way to suggest that in the drawing.

    Page 2 of A Visual Guide to Alien Beings featured a line up of five different alien types I felt I had identified at that point. The "Draco" reptilian and "White Light" race were based on Garnette's encounters, but the drawings aren't very accurate, since at the time I drew these (ca. 1991 to 1992) I only had verbal descriptions to go on. There were some drawings of reptilians based largely on Dale Russell's hypothetical dinosauroid model, as well as on a sculpture of a reptilian head that had been shown on Sightings: The UFO Report. There was an interpretation of a Zeta Reticulan, based on the Hill aliens, but I chose to give this version a more militaristic look. There was a depiction of a being from the Doraty case, and a couple drawings of the Walton humanoid.

    At the bottom is an image of four Grays coming through a wall, which was in part inspired by the description that abductee Kim Carlsberg gave on Sightings of seeing beings move through a wall "as if it wasn't there." Under that drawing I wrote, "Blatant disregard for the laws of physics. The abduction phenomenon is an assault on our arrogance." That's how I see it, in many ways. We have assumed so much, when our knowledge, at least as regards the possible capabilities of alien civilizations, is actually very limited. Also on this page is a collection of illustrations of hybrid offspring and a "nursery" inspired by reading Dr. David M. Jacobs' book Secret Life. The drawings of hybrids were also based on drawings by well known abductees such as Jeanne Robinson and "Kathie Davis" from Budd Hopkins' book Intruders.

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