Hi there!

I'm totally new here. I'm trying to improve my art skills. In fact, I want to get into the 3d art business. I'm aiming more for the technical part (e.g. rigging), but I think, it is better to have some painting skills to improve my modeling, digital sculpting and so on. The problem is, that I'm not very good in painting and drawing.

My ... "best" work include some acrylic paitings, ...

Name:  Watching You.geaendert.jpg
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Size:  89.8 KBName:  Unicorn.geaendert.jpg
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... a first attempt to use sketchbook pro ...
Name:  Horse.geaendert.jpg
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... an horrible attempt to get a portrait lineart (I tried to focus on the lineart, I didn't really take care about the shading - but even the lineart is awkful )
Name:  Maisie Williams.geaendert.jpg
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... and a more recent pencil drawing.
Name:  Apollo Speedpainting Drawing(1).geaendert.png
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Personaly, I'm aiming for a quality like you know from film or game concept art... well, my drawings are far away from that. And even worse: To be honest, the unicorn is the only one that I did from imagination without drawing from a photo. That's why I'm joining conceptart.org I hope, here is a place to improve my skills and get valueable critics

thank you,