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    portfolio preparation

    can anybody give me an idea what I should include in my portfolio for videogame studios (character sheets, environmental design, ink or color, etc)..........thanks

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    have everything, 15 pieces or less of ur best stuff, its better when starting to show variety, then later once ur in the industry you can focus more on say characters.

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    It will depend on where you want to go. Some companies hire specific positions; concept artists, texture artists, technical artists, while others will have their artists do concept, skins and textures... and even some modelbuilding and on occasion some level design. Maybe not in an edit/level builder, but drawing out maps, etc.
    I'd find out what the company is looking for and get your best samples of that work up front. Support it with a range of work, include figure drawing and such at the rear. If you want a generic portfolio, then I would start with what you are strongest in, set your weakest toward the middle or back, and finish with a strong page or two of drawing. If everything is digital and/or relies on filters, tricks, etc. you'll end up with a thanks but no thanks. You have to have traditional media in there, especially to show that you can draw.
    Good luck.

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