Hey there, this will be my first actual post here, and I've actually spent quite some time browsing before registering and posting, so I do apologize if I've blatantly missed an answer to my question, which probably gets asked all the time.

I'm not neccesarily 'new' to drawing. But on the same coin, I am not 'experienced' with it either. I understand the technical aspects of design and perspective, the styles associated with shading, hatching, etc.

I've been out of commission for about 12 years and I really itch to return to drawing. Obviously my quality when I was a child is much less impressive to me now that I have become an adult, and I've spent about four months trying to better myself. My biggest problem is that I seem to have difficulty finding resources between the levels of Beginner and Intermediate.

Most of the places I find seem to assume you are either able to create basic works using specific tools and resources, or that you can do absolutely nothing. I'm trying to find something in between ,specifically in the area of helping out with finding ways to build an object out of shapes in proper proportions.

I've spent a long time going through various websites and most of what I find seems to just frustrate me because it lacks so much in substance. I'm just curious how most of you more veteran artists overcame these boundaries. I'm exceptionally good with my imagination and have steady control, but I'm terrible when it comes to volume and proportion. Is there any good resource out there other than just chugging down books that I've maybe not found yet?

Thanks for your time!