Sketchbook: The Book Of Chris - Update: Another CD design done!
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Thread: The Book Of Chris - Update: Another CD design done!

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    HAJiME - Thanks. The cephalopod was fun to do.

    JimahJames - As a matter of fact my hair is kind of long. Hehe! Do we have similar styles?..Hmm, perhaps. Thanks for the visit.

    Man it's been a slow period. My head feels completely dried out. I'm still struggling with the t-shirt design. I feel stuck everytime I look at it. Here's an update....

    Right now I'm stuck with the guy in the coffin - he comes off as flat and I don't know how to make him pop. And yes, I know the heart is HUGE! Haha!
    There will be more blood as well.....lots.

    I'm adding a second but subtle lightsource to give the zombies a slight silhouette.

    Here's just boring study. I don't think I got it right.

    I started off with just blobs and worked my way from there. You can tell I'm not used to this method. :p

    And finally a page from my sketchbook. Like I said - a slow period.

    I would REALLY appreciate some feedback even though I don't update that often. Thanks!

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