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    Personal Work Critique

    Hello... I'm fairly new to these forums, so I apologize in advance for any shortcomings in etiquette. I'll just be as polite as possible =)

    Anyway, I hope to start posting stuff fairly regularly for critique. It's all just personal work. With any advice on changes, I would also appreciate pointers on how to achieve that end as well if possible. Example: Flesh on a character reads more like wood. Therefore, I should try doing etc. etc...

    As far as focus for the critiques goes, I'd like advice on composition and lighting, I guess. (the sticky for this forum recommended asking for focuses)

    Thanks a bunch, here's the first image!

    Personal Work Critique

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    Well, I think as far as your composition goes, it's pretty straight forward. The subject is in the center and I wouldn't say anything there's anything that's immediately distracting. Your lighting seems pretty good as well.

    I think it's a little hard to tell what's going on with your figure. I think it blends in with the background a bit too much. From how it's painted, I could see that's maybe what you're going for, but I'd up the contrast a little, maybe intensify the blue light hitting her left side.

    The squares on the corners... they bug me a bit. I can't tell you for what reason exactly just yet (it's 4:35 AM), but I'll take a look at it again later in the day and elaborate on this. I just think you may want to keep them all the same or similar color.

    Hope this helps.
    Check out my sketchbook.

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    I think it would be a good idea to explain what you were going for in the piece. That way it's easier to give a more useful critique.

    The graphic shapes and elements to me don't really fit in and distract the viewer. Now it might be fine to just have a border around the composition. At 1st glance I thought she was leaning against a cross shaped tombstone.

    You picked a pretty ambitious pose. The hands appear to disappear and the elbows meeting at the same point causes an awkward "v" tangent and then it looks like her left arm then just disappears. I would like to see an hint of the other arm (over or under) in this cross body embrace.

    The hair coils read like intestines especially combined with the bandaged head. Maybe shifting the colors away from the pinkish hues would be enough to help this.

    Another thing I noticed is that all the flower petals blowing in the breeze are almost all the same size and don't really convey a depth of field. The pedals infront of the body would look fine but then theres one the same size (midground) that looks like its tucking behind her left hip.

    In this piece you could really have some fun with some double edged lighting and use of a core shadow. Here is quick paint over showing this abit and sliming down some of the anatomy to "feminize" it

    Personal Work Critique

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