Art: shapes in perspective / perspective question

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    shapes in perspective / perspective question

    Hi guys, I hope this isn't a silly question or anything but I've looked around the forum a while (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough) but haven't found a specific answer so here goes...

    I'm teaching myself drawing right now but it's pretty hard with all the things to learn, so I'm cutting down to the most basics: drawing in shapes.

    So my first question is, can anyone recommend any threads/tutorials/books that teaches us how to draw basic shapes (cones, cubes, spheres) in perspective? I've done a couple of searches in google but all that came up are in-depth details into perspective, something I'm not so sure I should pick up at this stage...

    Next question: should I learn perspective first? I was reading one of the Loomis books and he recommended doing that, but then there were a couple of threads floating around that state perspective as one of the more advanced things to learn, and I'm wondering if I should do that only after I've worked on my geometrical shapes?

    I guess all I'm trying to say is, I know that perspective is essentially very important, but how in-depth should a beginner go? And what are some good exercises/tutorials/sites for the study of basic geometrical shapes in different perspective, etc? (in different lightings would be awesome as well!)

    I know that familiarising yourself with lines, etc etc is one of the most basic things that beginners should pick up, but I've done that for some time now and think it's time to move on to something more advanced.

    (and before I forget... what are some good books on perspective?)

    Thanks so much for your help and I hope this wasn't too confusing/silly/irrelevant

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    xinleh..Perspective is a must, but i think it should be tackle later on..because first you must learn to draw structurally..meaning seing basic volumes..not shapes..shape is flat like a circle..a volume is a sphere...the way cartooning or animation students approach drawing is a good start..
    this is a good example of what i luca cambiaso..
    I like what villpu does to his beginner students,but yet again..perspective is more sophisticated than what you usually see in cartooning or animation..
    You must learn to see things in simple volumes because a cube is a cube regardless of its point of be able to rotate that cube in any angle will help you tons..then you capture in your mind how it looks..then perspective will help you correct those other elements you see in your mind and make them work together as a whole..hard to explain hehe..
    Xinleh this is one of the best perspective books..when it comes to understanding this concept..

    a more practical book ,visual would be
    , because is more about step by step..which many books on perspective lack..
    have many other perspective books..hehe i collect just about any of love the even have a couple of good perspective videos out there..
    from the and which is seeing somebody actually doing this..
    for lessons on shading geo solids..this is a good start..there isnt much talk about the perspective of shadows or all about observing natural facts, this book is practical too,so you get to do the theory you learn from perspective,and see it in reality..
    this will force you to actually study the models from life and light them yourself..
    is a good book on tone..too..but again, master line..structural thinking first..geometry geometry geometry..damn is so hard..

    my new site, is crazy stuff but is my own space, I can say whatever!! hehe:
    One of the art schools I respect the most:
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    the_allejo05 - Wow! Thank you very much for your help I went to get myself the basic perspective book immediately, the other one seems a little complex to tackle right now at this point and I couldn't find the last one on shading... but anyway thank you, you've been a big help

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