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    Valkyrie and horse

    This is my second post. I have tried to create a realistic Valkiria without any fantastic ornament. Only the relation between the woman and his horse (inspired by real viking horses race). The first idea was show the horsehair and the braids of the women moved by the snowstorm. Freeze the moment in which begins to snow and the women protects his horse. All the work was done in Photoshop.

    Any coment and critic are welcome.

    Valkyrie and horse

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    Brrrrrr. She looks chilly.

    In all Seriousness though. If you are going for a realistic Valkyrie as you say you are, then don't have her wearing next to nothing in the middle of a snow storm. The rendering is beautiful though.

    Oh, also, the horses leg out of the snow looks a bit too thin. I feel like it is going to snap as soon as he puts it down. Fix that and I'd say you have one fine looking horse there.

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    There are some anatomy issues with the horse and the woman (horses leg all messed up, womans body from hip down is way too small), but, other than that, pretty good job. I'm kind of surprised this was moved.
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    IndieWise: thanks!. Surely you're right.
    Sourgasm: thanks!. Many people said that anatomy mistakes.
    I will fix all if I have time.


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    the head looks really really wierd. it kinda looks like the helmet is only halfway attached to her head.

    and her but/hips are too small.

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    -The edge of the shield that's covered in snow looks very flimsy. It doesn't really read as being sturdy.

    -You have snow in 3 of the 4 quadrants of the image. I understand that you're trying to depict the beginning of a snowstorm, but the current placement of snowflakes feels too artificial.

    -Another issue is that all the snowflakes are relatively the same size. This implies that the depicted snowflakes lie on the same vertical plane, and it ruins the illusion of depth. I'd introduce smaller, fainter snowflakes above the horse to rectify this.

    -The part of the tree trunks at the top part of the canvas appear to be a little closer to use than the trees at the bottom of the canvas.

    -There's little indication of what's holding the waist cloth in place. The front part appears to be drastically affected by the wind, while the back half is not.

    -There's little indication of what's holding the bra plates in place. I imagine one would need at least 1 strap that goes around the back to hold the bra in place. Think practicality.

    -I like the braids that are just below the character's eyes. The braids covering the tip of the nose and the mouth aren't working particularly well. It seems like you're trying to avoid drawing that part of the face.

    -The mass of the armpit seems a little off IMO.

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