And daym, it's BIG!

While I did compare my older Graphire4 A5 with an A4 paper, I guess I just couldn't imagine how big it would be. Comparing it further, it was revealed to me that the work area is actually a good deal bigger than a real A4, I don't find that a bad thing though.

Yes, I know it looks way too cramped for my desk. And take special note of my monitor and how he struggles for dear life to stay on the desk. Yes, I admit the speakers has fallen down quite a few times now. I'm heading out tomorrow to buy a new & bigger desk and a 22 inch widescreen LCD, then I might finally be able to have the monitor straight instead of this sideways solution. I am somewhat hesitant in face of the fact that the LCD's have poorer color fidelity, but it seems like I made the decision at a time where some of them are approaching crt color quality.

Thus far it works tremendously well, I especially like the increased precision from a bigger work area. I'm liking the express keys, although they do split me between the keyboard and the tablet, in some ways it could make my workflow somewhat slower. Not sure if I will incorporate the touchstrips as my zooming in/brush size function, they seem somewhat jerky and lack precision.

The Graphire and my monitor has served me well for these past years, but now it's time to burn some money.