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Thread: Starting my journey in illustration

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    Starting my journey in illustration


    This is my first post here. I only just found the forum through Sijun. I did post up there before and I'm not trying to spam but this looks more like the forum for me tbh. It looks like there's some really good info here and I hope to learn lots from it. I'm a bit embarassed about posting but I'm hoping you can help me with starting my journey in drawing. Basically I've only been drawing for around 6 weeks. I've played around on Photoshop a bit (mainly with blending modes and photomontage) and liked it and that and looking at all the cool work around on the net has inspired me to teach myself to draw. I loved doodling at school but people always said I was rubbish so unfortunately I just stopped. Now I'm older I don't care!!! I REALLY love it and I want to learn. Eventually I'd like to be able to draw characters in various settings. I really like the work of Imperial Boy, Zilber, Chou films like Dark City, Jeunet & Caro's stuff, Belleville etc..I could look at that all day

    So far I've been going through the heads part of Loomis' Fun With A Pencil and the beginning of Drawing the Head and Hands. I also bought a couple of DVDs (Bob Kato, Scott Robertson) and am following those. As I say this is where I'm at for 6 weeks (images attached) Any c&c would be well appreciated

    My next little project is to light and draw solids. I bought some geometric shapes which arrived today so I'm going to try lighting those. Does this sound like a decent plan? Is it going to be okay if I post up some?

    Okay so here goes.....

    Starting my journey in illustration

    Starting my journey in illustration
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    Hey there, not bad stuff at all after just a month and a half!

    I think the first head is much more successful. The second ones proportion are just too far off. To do anything with it you'd have to start over.

    In the first one you've got a good value range going and that is giving you a pretty good sense of volume. I think you need to work on more accurately drawing the shapes and details of the features, but that will come with more understanding/practice with the subject matter. Just keep checking your features against reference until you're confident that you know all the little parts of the face from memory.

    I think copying a still life of geometric shapes is a great idea. It'll help your drawing accuracy and your rendering skills. If you do one, by all means, post it!!

    Rock on! humble and uneducated opinion.

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