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    Questions About Digital Painting

    Hey, Today i was toying with the idea of embarking on some digital drawing but i had some questions to ask first.
    So first up would the bamboo fun a6 be an ok starter pad and does it come with good enough software for me to get started and produce stuff that does not look like crap?
    second up would i benefit from digital painting as i have only really been into traditional media as you can see from my SB. My main thinking was that it might allow me to practice without making a mess, getting all my paints out and taking up half the room.
    Also if anyone has tried the switch from traditional to digital input on how difficult it is would be nice too

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    I have not tried Bamboo, but I do have an Intuos 6x11 tablet and I love it! I haven't used it mainly for digital painting, but my roommates have. They like using it because it gives them more room to "stroke" (depending on the size you get).

    If you can, I would suggest getting Photoshop or Corel Painter as those are the appropriate software for doing digital paint (if you don't own them already).

    Also, there is a difference when doing traditional media compared to digital. Of course the obvious is you can't "feel" what you're doing...but you can always go back (CTRL+Z!). It is handy that you can change your presets with brushes and you can easily mix colors almost the same way you would traditionally.

    It really depends....hope this helped and good luck!

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    I started my art studies in digital for years, and while I loved it, I found that getting a decent proficiency in traditional mediums helped out more than the digital.

    In my opinion, the digital can grow some lazy habits in many respects if done on it's own, plus nothing really compares to having the finished product right before your eyes, something that is tangible and real right before you. It's just a different experience, and while I love both and they both have their place in their industries, I definitely prefer traditional, and feel in my experience that mastering digital will make you a good digital painter, but mastering the traditional will make you a good all around artist.

    As far as software, I've used both to do my digital work, sometimes working back and forth between the two, although I haven't used Painter in awhile and I use Photoshop just for photo manipulation now, so I don't know what the two software packages are capable of.

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    Thanks a bunch for the reply's. I think for now i shall just concentrate on traditional media. Maybe see if there is a good painting course or fine art course anywhere near sheffield. Tho that may be a big ask as sheffield isn't exactly the hub of all culture. Mais c'est la vie

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