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    Morpheus-Dream practice/study art (crits are very much appreciated)

    Hello again guys.

    I did this last night. I was trying to do a hard-edged artwork style instead of the usual subtle blending and shading, after having been inspired by this artwork (as well as other artworks of that artist). This is my first time doing so and I really appreciate any more constructive crits as well as advice for future works of similar (or even dissimilar) vein.

    This is also, I think, the closest I could get of a decent speed paint, and it's at 4 hours (I know, sad). I think I seriously need to study colour theory so I can cut that time to a really reasonable speed paint level. What do you think?

    Done using Painter IX. If you guys can also tell me what you think the brushes used in that artwork I linked to are, it'd be nice. As it is, in this artwork, I used Artist's Oil (Dry Brush) and various brushes under the Oil category.
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    Hey man, this looks like a nice sketch. I like the gesture and I like how the face is coming.

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say you were trying a "hard- edged" style, but for a speedpaint I would say this image is too "refined." Not to say that a speedpainting has to look a certain way, but keep in mind the objective. You want to get as much down as quickly as you can.
    If you examine the picture you linked, its quite rough. Alot of the strokes are obvious and none of the values are blended, but the accuracy of shape, colors/values and stroke placement makes the figure clear and volumeric. Because it's still loose it also manages to have alot of life and motion.

    There is a lack of that roughness to your piece, leading me to believe you spent time refining the shapes and blending/smoothing your colors. Which is fine if your going for a finished work but if your trying to get things down quickly, thats going to take too much time and take your mind away from what is important at that early stage. I would suggest loosening up mentally when you approach a speedpainting or even if you're just sketching out something you intend to finish. If you try to work too tight too early it'll end up taking too long, looking too lifeless and not being any fun.

    Work monochromatically as well, at least to start. Use the full value range but dont worry about colors actually being different till later.

    As for the brush used in the linked image, it looks to me like just one of the standard painter oil brushes.
    Anyway...Good stuff! Rock on! humble and uneducated opinion.


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    Hey thanks, man. Yeah, I did take the time to refine it, which is prolly why it took me 4 hours total. I guess it really isn't a speed paint, then, so much as an attempt at a rough work.

    I'll try to loosen up more in the future. I believe speed painting is a very good exercise for everyone, and I feel it'll benefit me fully.

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