Austin Sketch Group, Sunday Nov 9th @ The Hideout!!!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW!!!! READ IT ALL THIS TIME (at least the stuff with the asterisks)!

* Hey folks! Please please please help me spread the word about the Austin Sketch Group! Send this email to anyone else that might be interested in something like this! Post to message boards! Tell someone on the street! Let’s get some more momentum in the community! Pros, students or anyone else with a passion for drawing should be encouraged to come!

** This Sunday, we’ll be having more talk about the Sketch Group book... As well as ironing out a timeline and production details. There will be some hard-core art being made as well, so bring your sketchbooks!!!

*** The A.S.G. DRINKING AND DRAWING PUB CRAWL is ON!!!! We’ll be doing this in a couple of weeks (we’ll vote on a day this Sunday, so don’t miss out)! The rules go like this: One sketchbook, a bunch of artists... We go to a bar, order drinks, and the first person in line draws a one page, one panel comic in 15 minutes and hands it off to the next person who then continues a narrative. After 2 people draw, we walk to the next bar and continue. We bar hop and draw this thing until last call. The result will be posted on the new Austin Sketch Group website (in development).


I've started a Sketch Group in Austin to meet weekly for general stupidity and drawing. Comic artists, illustrators, animators, concept artists, and the like should attend. Everyone that goes, draws. Some of us professionally, some for fun. Either way, this is a completely casual, cool way to do what you love.

Inspiration, motivation, trading ideas, grow, learn, network, drink coffee, beers, make friends, be productive and because we like drawing, dammit.

Anyone who LOVES to draw, cartoon, make comics, posters, animation, whatever.

What Should I Bring?
1. Yourself
2. Drawing stuff, traditional or non-traditional or digital or whatever
3. Some past work, published or otherwise, for a meet-and-greet.
4. Whatever else floats your tuna.

Sunday, Nov 9th... (every Sunday)

1:30 PM – 5, 6, 7 ish or something.

The Hideout, 617 Congress, between 6th and 7th St. Facing the Cap building, it’s on the right-hand side of the street.

John Rubio

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