"As all artists before me... the female form was the inspiration"

A year ago this drawing appeared to me.
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And this was my first, honest attempt at drawing!
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Took whole 3 hours, 3 hours of fun.
I spent time thinking after that. Realizing that I always enjoyed drawing.

The first lesson by Nicolaides was that learning to draw, was learning to see.
So I spent time kinda watching things, trying to learn.
I thought it would've been easier to see things, to hear and smell things if you couldn't feel anything.

I was wrong. You're just disconnected from the world.
Nothing matters, nothing is.
But as time progressed towards the now, I've had fun.

By day the minor town I live in, it's not interesting here.
The people walk around for themselves listening to music or talking to phones.
Avoiding eye contact. Being in their own world.
So in night I walked out. Just to see the town by night, how things changed color.
Going to the highest top I could find, and I watched the sea, a school and all the trees. This isn't my home. But it is here I live.
I remember how the school always was filled with people, being in their own existence, avoiding eye contact.
But wherever I went, it was calm. Friendly. The lights went out and on, not completely dark because of the half-moon.

On the rail road I found this cat. He was lying down, rolling around, having fun.
I thought it was really funny, people kill themselves right here and he is having the time of his life. Maybe some people talked to the cat before they died, maybe he knows the secret of happiness.
But he didn't speak to me.

As I watched all the cars passing by under the bridge, it was time to go home.
I didn't really meet anyone. The time was about 22:00ish
This guy shows up. Walks nearly passed me but says something.
"Any party downtown?"
-I don't think so
"They're home playing videogames then!"