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    Kind of a cross between cartoon and photo-realistic..

    Just curious what people thought about this style.
    Created vector shapes and used painter to add color.
    Should I get rid of outlines and go more photo-real?

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    Well.. It doesn't look photo-realistic. It looks like contours with colours inside them. I think you should worry less about style and more about really communicating what you want to say. This picture is very busy, and a very busy picture can be great - if you can make it work. This piece doesn't. You use the same kind of outline to describe everything, from his cape to the details of the arrows. These equal lines does not lead the eye in a satisfactory way, and I jump straight to the face. Now, the face is often the most important feature in a picture of a figure, but I want my eye to be led there by the rest of the picture, not because I got bored of looking at the other stuff, because then I'm missing out on all the cool straps and weapons and knee pads and all the other interesting desings you want me to want to see!

    That being said, I think the face is where you've done best. The expression is badass, and particulary the mouth and beard area is interesting to look at. The eyes, even though they are important in the expression, does not work that well. They are just too cartoony. They don't match with the rest of the face, mich is better drawn. Those eyes would match on a smiley, but not on this guy!

    Another thing that the outlines do is flattening the whole piece. He looks like a paper cutout, not like a person in 3D. This is not only the outlines, but the colouring as well. For example, just putting orange on his sleeve, and then some darker orange, and ten some light orange, does not make it look like it's round. Values (that is, how dark or light something is) must follow the form correctly, or it will look flat.

    What you should do now, is some homework! To practice drawing things so that they look 3D, realistic and looking 'right', start drawing simple objects from life! Take something with a simple shape and only one colour, and try to draw it exactly like you see it. Take your time. Do you have a mirror? Try drawing yourself in it! Hint: it's not easy, you're gonna have to try many, many times before you'll think it's good. Try looking at how the eye really looks, it's not just a slit with a pupil. Do this, and post here for further instructions!

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    I think this might work if you toned down the color on the guy. There is SOOO much that is fighting for attention. You have this nice background... and nice details on coloring the guy... but it's just too busy without a focal point.

    Also, the shadow on the wall needs to be more defined. The wall is close, si I figure the shadow should be pretty easy to read and not so blurry.

    I think you got some good work here. Keep it going.

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    IMHO you need to work on the shadows he casts on the wall behind him. To me it's hard to tell where the light is coming from. Or were you goin with something else in mind? With what you have right now, the quality of the picture isn't as good as it could be IMO.
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    Serpian explained most of the issues really well, but to expand a little about the being drawn to the face thing...

    The furry red bit behind him is very saturated (and red is a very eye grabbing color), plus the red is being brought out even more by being so close to it's complimentary color green. Therefore that's the first area I'd recommend toning down a bit.

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    This is saying, "I'm a cartoon that's come to life - deal with it." I have no problems with that if that's what you intended.

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