Artists Looking for Work: READ THIS FIRST
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Thread: Artists Looking for Work: READ THIS FIRST

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    Artists Looking for Work: READ THIS FIRST

    I'm all for fair rates and protecting the right of artist. However, there as been an influx lately of employer bashing and aggressivity against newbs who post in the jobs forums.

    1) If we rant at all employers who post stuff we disagree with, other employers will come here and leave without posting to avoid being bitched at. We will lose neat opportunities.

    2) It is possible to educate without being agressive, possibly in PM if necessary or in a VERY POLITE fashion.

    3) Some ppl just can't afford more than they are offering, if you don't like the rates, don't bid.

    4) Not everyone here is a mod, if you disagree with the subforum where an employer posted, don't give em shit, PM a mod or click on the little b&w triangle and signal the problem. They will move the thread.

    5)The rule about not posting "email sent" was a Hyver rule, it was such a pain in the butt to implement that he gave up his modpowers. I'm not going to enforce it, maybe other mods will, but stop giving ppl flak for posting. It's just not that important, and I have better stuff to do after work than delete 30 posts a night.

    6)Not everyone spends hours here everyday. You can't expect employers or newbs to read the 385403 stickies on CA before posting. We wish they would, but I'd rather have all the possible jobs and pick from there than scare employers away with bad attitude.

    7) Some of you have been agressive towards employers and other posters repeatedly. I don't have the power to ban, but if this goes on, I'll make sure you be banned from the subforum.

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