Hello there, thanks for reading.

Now, I did so a search on this topic on the forum, but I got a ton of unrelated topics - about a dozen pages worth. Sorry if the question's been answered before, but I don't have the remotest inclination to struggle through that much text when it's easier to let my fingers fly in a new post.

I asked this question in no uncertain terms to the director of an illustration program at a major Californian art school, and the reply I got was that the illustration program teaches you to "work jobs better," and the art program teaches you to "do your own projects," better.

Doesn't really give me a clue what's the difference in terms of what's taught.

I asked a friend of mine, a graduate with a BFA, what the difference was, and the answer I got from him was basically the same.

So can someone out there put into clearer terms what the difference is, in terms of what exercises one completes, what lessons one learns, and, in the end, after four years, what one is capable of?

Thanks very much, bye.