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    need CONSTRUCTIVE critique

    here is my motion graphic works click on reel
    Best Regards

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    It's hard to critique the animation of this type of work.
    For one, to determine if advertisements and logos are effective executions, we'd really have to know what they're advertising/logos for.

    I'll start off by saying, this is a very appealing Demoreel.
    Ya Retornamos, Epicentro (both), Esto es Television, Petit Petit (your own studio does count), Lotex and the compositing bit with the lady's face are your stronger Demoreel pieces. Their executed both professionally and impressively. The video displays a variety of styles, subject matters, approaches, and moods making you appear well-rounded and capable of handling anything the prospective client might throw at you.

    Most importantly, I'm entertained the entire time.

    That being said, I think it could be improved.
    The placement of the Mega Deporte' logo, the Ki---heo films, Elaura Producciones, and the compositing piece with the little girl dodging rockets makes me feel as if you constructed your video prioritizing following the music over displaying your strongest work first/chopping the stragglers to display your strongest work overall. Because it does sync up nicely with the music - but - your Demoreel would be stronger if you didn't show them at all.

    Mega Deporte', Ki--heo films, Elaura Producciones, and the little girl with rockets are your weaker pieces.
    - Mega Deporte's animation sort of spastically dances around the screen with no real purpose in mind. Perhaps with the original music, original speed, original editing (?) it makes more sense. But viewing it as a part of this, with it timed to this music, it feels like movement for movement's sake.
    - Ki---heo films is problematic because ultimately, I can't read the logo.
    - Elaura Producciones isn't so much 'bad' as it is 'not as good as the rest'.
    - The little girl dodging rockets is hindered by it's source material; the girl keeps staring forward despite the rockets going behind her, isn't displaying any fear, doesn't react to the rockets hitting, gingerly checks her footing as if she hadn't just comically spinned through a near death experience. I'm sure this was just a friend or family member that did this for you out of the kindness of their hearts, so understand my goal here isn't to impugn the acting abilities of a small child ...but, it is my opinion this piece feels lacking when stacked up with the rest of your reel and furthermore is lacking in a way you can't really fix and isn't really your fault.

    They say, your portfolio is not judged by your strongest piece, but the weakest.
    Take a look back at each of the segments in your reel, and consider; if there was a horrible technical malfunction and my prospective employer/client would only see this one segment - would I want them to see this?

    The yellow-boxy themed logo that follows Mega Deporte' ends on a logotype that ends up being too small to be read. Even if it's appropriately sized in the original sourcefile you worked on with your client, for the purposes of streaming off the web like this, it might be a better idea to make it bigger.

    The same can be said for the purple-boxy "Krash ---- Krash ----" logo around the middle of the video.

    Some of these logos are going past us at a blazing speed.
    Which normally I'd give you a hard time about (to the tune of "Rule #1 of Graphic Design: Readability is Key") but I think it's fine so long as you make sure people can access a list of your former clients somewhere on the website.
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    Hello loading time!
    The piece that intrigued me the most was the face that seem to transform about halfway. Besides that, I can’t really say anything..

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    As I give you any criticism, please understand that I will be comparing your motion graphics to this work.

    Your work is good, but it only shows what I see as basic skills. These basic skills will find you work, but I suspect that you are wanting to reach for a higher level of quality.

    It seems as if your work needs a much higher level of sophistication. As you can see in the work at Belief Design I compare your work to, their work is much more 'layered', more detailed, more... sophisticated. They do add elements of 3D animation, which is something you might want to consider doing.

    Belief Design's work also has a much more 'fluid' sense of movement, whereas your work moves, but is nowhere near as nuanced.

    The shapes you use in your motion graphics seem to be more simplistic than not. This might work well for young children's projects, but for the internationally competitive level of the advertising/entertainment world, your work needs to be much more comprehensive.

    And bold. Far-reaching in your desire to out-perform everyone else.

    I could spend another 2 hours giving you example after example, but here is my best suggestion: always compare yourself to the best in the business, like Belief Design. When you fall short of the high standards they set, recognize it and then strive to do better and better and better.

    You're well on your way. Congratulations on the fine work you've already accomplished.

    Good luck!

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    as far as the crit goes, i agree with magnut.

    as far as the fight guys have legit convo going in here...lets not blow it emotionally.

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